Testimonial – Turvanasta Oy

"Jeeves adapts to needs"

Turvanasta Oy chose Jeeves ERP as their enterprise resource planning system in 2012. The world's largest manufacturer of studs gains numerous benefits from the comprehensive solution, ranging from production planning to extensive reporting.


Jeeves adapts to Turvanasta's needs

Turvanasta Oy is the world’s largest manufacturer of studs. Their annual production of over a billion studs is supplied to tire factories, tire dealers, and studding companies in the Nordic countries, the Baltic States, and Russia.

This forerunner, which strongly invests in product development, has over forty years of experience in combining knowledge of natural conditions and driving behavior with technological expertise.


Turvanasta acquired an enterprise resource planning system in 2012.

“We needed a system to support our business with comprehensive production control. We want to collect as much data as possible and monitor what really happens in our production.”

Cost-effective Jeeves ERP

Turvanasta had not previously used an enterprise resource planning system at all. After a competitive tender, Jeeves ERP was chosen as the solution.

“We started from scratch. We chose Jeeves because it was customizable and competitively priced.”

Turvanasta immediately gained significant benefits from the new system after implementation.

“Production planning has concretely improved our operations. Reporting also works well – we use many different production efficiency indicators.”

Turvanasta collaborates with several material suppliers and subcontractors. Quality control of raw materials and batch traceability are an important part of their enterprise resource planning.

Procedure helps with customization

When choosing an enterprise resource planning system, Turvanasta wanted a delivery model that would minimize their own workload. Merit Consulting offered a customer-specific solution as a cost-effective service.

“Procedure has handled things well. We have had our wishes fulfilled with a short response time. Possible problem areas can be logged into the online support system, which are then investigated and corrected quickly.”

Development work is ongoing, and Turvanasta is particularly satisfied with the customizability of Jeeves ERP.

“We have been able to modify the system to suit our needs and have really benefited from it.”

“There are still many functions on the list, and we are gradually working on one thing at a time. Even when choosing the system, one of the biggest criteria was that it would be able to meet our needs far into the future.”

Toni Kallio
Turvanasta Oy


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