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Haulbag E-commerce Solutions

E-commerce and Wholesale hello, smooth business management oh! Customer-specific online stores sharpen your brand. Offer your customers delightful shopping experiences easily and quickly.


Customer-specific online stores with up-to-date customer and inventory information.


A customer-specific online store with each customer’s product range and pricing flows beautifully with Haulbag. All data is in the same system, so you can sell the same products to all your customers while keeping inventory information up to date. Handy.

Whether you create customer-specific, brand-specific, or just a single consumer online store, customer information and inventory information are always up to date. Quickly. Cost-effectively. No manual updating or transferring of data like the moldy folders from an old era.

Do you want to open a new online store yourself? It’s possible! Say goodbye to waiting and outdated development projects, and offer your customers a shopping experience quickly.

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