Accurate and appropriate purchase

By way of Jeeves, your business gets the right tools to design your purchases, communicate flexibly with your suppliers and streamline your procurement process. Acquisition activities help your business identify your purchasing needs and keep track of the progress of the process from purchase request to storage of goods and payment of purchase invoices.


Customizable processes

Processes and workflows can be easily adapted to support a variety of procedures that enhance competitiveness and work effectively.

Offer / contract; the same product may be in several contracts

The system suggests the right supplier, price and discounts. With this, e.g. purchase price ladder used effectively. With the help of purchase price ladders and purchase price lists, the system suggests the best price.

Alternative suppliers

The same product can be obtained from several different suppliers with their own delivery times, product codes, pack sizes, prices, discounts and currencies. This ensures that the purchase order has the correct information.

Purchase requests and orders

Purchase requests and purchase order management are made quickly and securely. Process automation reduces errors. Due to integration, purchase requests come from requisition, sales orders, maintenance orders, or manufacturing orders.

Management of subcontracting orders

Subcontracting orders are related to manufacturing orders. Subcontracted work steps are managed in the manufacturing process. Among other things, you can subcontract work on the raw material you own.

Alternative units

Alternative units are used to manage purchase prices and volumes. This reduces errors in purchase orders.


Additional charges are automatically added to purchase orders. Charges affect purchase prices (FIFO calculation method). Separately invoiced charges affect average prices.

Exchange rate management

The use of contractual exchange rates reduces the exchange rate risk.


The receipt process can be controlled based on the supplier, product, or purchase order. The receipt process can be done directly to the warehouse or in two steps, which facilitates the return process.


The system allows for different complaint processes, which may have different workflows. Tasks and schedules can be managed in the process. A well-managed complaint process improves cooperation and communication with suppliers.

Season management

Periods for which start and end dates can be set can be used to control the process of purchasing seasonal products.


Jeeves helps reconcile accounts as the seasons change. Differences and exceptions are easily found using review runs.

Invoices target

Purchase invoices can be assigned to purchase orders. The purchase invoice approval process may require that the receipt of the goods be recorded.

Manual entries

Purchase invoices can be accounted for manually.

Cost accounting

Cost accounting stores all calculation levels and data that will be available for later analysis.

Post calculation

All actual costs can be compared to planned costs.

Integrated into the economy

Production events are integrated into the general ledger of economics.

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