Smart inventory management

Jeeves takes into account the different needs to produce the real-time information and get transparency throughout the company’s supply chain.


Inventory management with automated processes

Inventory management and logistics are process areas which are integrated with almost all the operational functions of the company. Jeeves takes into account the different needs to produce the real-time information and get transparency throughout the company’s supply chain. Our solution flexibly supports handling of the different types of products – from customary products to manageable and serial numbered items – enhancing the management of your company’s logistical routines from incoming logistics to outgoing logistics.

Powerful inventory management

Inventory management in Jeeves has been fully integrated with sales, purchases, manufacturing, maintenance and financial management. Therefore, it is quick to act when situations are rapidly changing. Inbound and outbound logistics are managed through inventory management.

Easy to integrate into external systems and applications

The storage function can be integrated with mobile devices, scanners and printers that support efficient storage processes. This reduces reporting errors and improve accuracy of the inventory data.

Multi-warehouse management

Multi-warehouse management supports a variety of business and logistics requirements.


Shelves and/or bins can be modeled in Jeeves. Therefore, it is possible to control the order of collecting items and the use of shelves/bins.

Inventory balances and availability

Batches and items with serial numbers can be treated in warehouses. Availability calculation takes into account planned arrivals, stock balances and order backlog. Thus, availability calculation gives an overall view of the material plan.

Material planning

The system provides a variety of material planning methods and parameters that affect computation, e.g. order size, order point and safety stock level. ABC analysis and classifications are also available.

Inventory value

Inventory value can be done using the average price, standard price or FIFO calculation. It can be done for the desired period and is integrated into the economic ledger. If necessary, the inventory value can be calculated for a certain day as well.

Cost rates

The cost calculation of the items to be purchased can be done using the average prices or the standard prices. The standard prices can be calculated on the basis of a contract or purchase price and can take into account different additional costs.

Brokerage orders and direct deliveries

The system automatically detects when the purchase order for the customer has arrived and, therefore, proposes a delivery. Receiving deliveries and order picking reporting is automatic in the case of direct deliveries.

Outgoing logistics

The integration of sales and inventory management enables outgoing logistics to be dealt with in various ways. Deliveries and picking can be started by order or shipping list. Packaging can be started on the basis of a shipping list, picking list or an order.

Incoming logistics

Purchasing and inventory management integration allows you to deal with inbound logistics in different ways as well. Receiving can be made directly to the warehouse or as a two-stage receiving once quality assurance is complete.

Internal logistics

Basic warehouse transactions are used in internal logistics when the pallet transfers and inventory balances are moved from one storage location to the another. Thus, the correctness of stock balances is ensured by the inventory.

Detailed statistics about inventory

All inventory transactions can be found in statistics which can be used when tracking and fixing potential problems. Product traceability is based on inventory statistics.

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