Haulbag. Because ERP. That's why hygge.

Let the warm flames of benefits ignite.

Haulbag is like warm woolen socks and a fireplace, a refreshing summer breeze during hot days – a friend's supportive hug. Embrace your company's customer and inventory data with warmth, handle purchases and sales swiftly.


Haulbag. Because ERP. That's why hygge.

Customer-specific online stores with up-to-date customer and inventory information

A customer-specific online store with each customer’s product range and pricing flows beautifully with Haulbag. All data is in the same system, so you can sell the same products to all your customers while keeping inventory information up to date. Handy.

Whether you create customer-specific, brand-specific, or just a single consumer online store, customer data and inventory information are always up to date. Quickly. Cost-effectively. No manual updating or transferring of data like from the era of moldy folders.

Want to open a new online store yourself? It’s possible! Say goodbye to waiting and outdated development projects, and offer your customers a purchasing experience quickly.

Diamond data transfer between different systems

Fast data transfer on the horizon? Are you excited to offer your customers products directly from your supplier’s warehouse? Do you require seamless electronic invoice transfers to your customers – and at the same time to your accounting system? Need to outsource your warehouse to a partner? Do your customers require orders to automatically transfer from their system to yours?

No problem!

We know that modern and efficient business requires up-to-date information and automatic data transfer. We take care of system integrations that supercharge your business. We have a treasure chest of connections to various services, and integrating a new service with Haulbag can be done in just a few days at best. Focus with a clear conscience on the things that benefit you the most – and where your passion ignites.

A comprehensive solution that grows with your business

Are you looking for a comprehensive solution that scales with your business? Haulbag offers a wide range of tools for effective management of your company’s operations. You can conveniently manage customer relationships, offers, sales orders, shipments, purchase orders, inventory, products, online stores, invoicing – you name it.

In Haulbag, all data is in the same system, enabling efficient ways of working. Haulbag is also a seamlessly scalable solution. Haulbag is built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. Let’s put this into practice! You don’t need to know or predict the growth rate of your business, as a seamlessly scalable cloud service always provides the capacity you need. Focus on developing your business in peace – and let yourself shine along with your company.

Pioneer in digitalization

From the beginning, our approach has been to move business operations comprehensively to the cloud, thus positioning ourselves as one of the pioneers in digitalization.

Top experts and collaboration

We have solid experience in various businesses and solutions. We are curious and eager to learn. Through collaboration, we steer towards even better results!

Reliable partner

We are a reliable partner that our customers can trust – whether it’s the everyday business circus or inspiring business digitalization.

And by the way, Proseduuri is Kauppalehti’s Sustainable Success 2018-2021.

Proseduuri Oy

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