The enterprise resource planning system for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Haulbag ERP. Intelligent operation management.

Jeeves ERP

The most Adaptable ERP system on the market

Primavista BI

Primavista opens your business's
financial control knots


ERP matters

A successful ERP system, ie an information system that combines the company’s various functions, becomes a key competitive factor as more services, goods and information move. At Proseduuri we understand your business processes and IT-solutions.


Consulting services and tools for utilizing information systems

Proseduuri Oy offers companies expert services and tools for business development. We’ll tell you the best ways to utilize information systems both mobile and traditionally with decades of experience.

We are here to guide You

We’ll help with the right solutions and understand what is being implemented for the company.

We’ll find the right solutions for You

We really do know the best ways to utilize information systems with more than twenty years of experience.

We listen to your needs

We focus on understanding the business goals of customers and building the right and specific solutions.

We’ll follow the results

We monitor the results and help You to utilize and develop them more specific.

Proseduuri Oy

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