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Proseduuri's Star Story - Showcasing the brilliant Jeeves ERP, Haulbag ERP, and Primavista Financial Management on stage

Proseduuri’s star story began about twenty years ago. Proseduuri’s driving force and CEO Sampo Karjalainen got the spark for entrepreneurship after working for 15 years as a part-time entrepreneur before stepping into the shoes of a full-time entrepreneur. The name Proseduuri resonated already in the early 2000s, so although Proseduuri Oy has been around for just over five years, the trade name dates back to about twenty years ago. Sampo started as a part-time entrepreneur in January 2000.

In addition to entrepreneurship, Sampo has a solid background in expert organizations in consulting, projects, business development, team leadership, and sales & marketing. His extensive experience palette includes both domestic and international playing fields.

Jeeves ERP has traveled a long journey together with Sampo’s career, encountering, among other things, a company merger and the sale of a consulting company to the United States. Sampo previously worked for a long time as a sales and marketing director in a company where he was responsible for the world-class ERP system – Jeeves ERP. Sampo recognized the enormous potential of the system already back then. Jeeves is easily integrated with other customer systems. He had a crystal-clear vision that Jeeves is a dynamic ERP system that is easily adaptable to customer operations. It is easily customizable and updatable. When life offered the opportunity to buy the Jeeves business for himself, Sampo boldly seized the opportunity. And so the business took off. That was in 2015.

Proseduuri has traveled determinedly, and along this journey, it has always been packed with the supplies for growth. When hunger pangs, the table has been beautifully set and offered tasty treats. Growth has accumulated through several acquisitions. In 2020, Jeeves ERP was joined on stage by the Primavista software, which supports financial reporting – and above all, planning and budgeting. With Primavista, you can also handle the consolidated financial statements swiftly.

Primavista is entirely Finnish and has a glorious thirty-year history. Thanks to our top team’s rock-solid professional skills and flaming passion, Primavista evolves and stays up-to-date in the sharp world of finance. This software has a diamond-like future ahead!

Proseduuri’s star story got more sparkle in the fall of 2022 when a new tasty treat was added to the table. Proseduuri made a business deal and bought Polea Oy’s Haulbag business and software. The deal came into force on September 17, 2022. This fantastic business acquisition strengthens Proseduuri’s ERP offering (e-commerce, wholesale) and expertise. Haulbag. Because. ERP. That’s why hygge.

May Proseduuri’s fantastic star story continue and bring joy and light to our wonderful existing and new customers!

Do you also have a passion for operations and financial management? Good – so do we.

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