Jeeves and 8 + 1 practical benefits

Smooth sharing of the information from one business function to the another increases productivity, ensures business continuity and makes it easier to meet the future challenges in a continuously changing, uncertain and demanding business environment. Jeeves ERP is a cloud-based ERP software solution for midsize businesses.


Jeeves and 8 + 1 practical benefits

The fastest ERP system on the market

You can make numerous modifications without changing the code to Jeeves. Exceptional architecture allows the new fields to be created, easy updating and a customizable interface. You can even make changes individually to the users.

The responsive mobile solutions

We deliver responsive both mobile and network solutions tailored to your needs: a mobile CRM system with or without Jeeves ERP, stock balances and orders for mobile workers or a modern and easy-to-use online store for your business customers as well.

The essential information easily displayed

For instance, Jeeves provides inventory balances, previous week sales, accounts receivable, deliveries, payment defaults, credit locks and other relevant information in real time. Drill down from your accounting document to a single transaction such as a purchase or sale order.

The automated cash and material flow

Automation facilitates the transaction tracking and brings cost savings. An example of this is when the inventory transactions and manufacturing are integrated with the financial system, accounting and accounts payable and receivable. Incoming reference payments are processed automatically as well.

The effective quality assurance

Are the ordered items the correct items and have they arrived on time? Quality assurance ensures that e.g. sampling, complaint handling and reactions to the deviations jump to the higher-state-of accuracy. For example, materials, origin and quality defects can be traced completely.

The proven cost savings

An easy-to-upgrade system is always up to date. An up-to-date system ensures you always have access to the latest functionality whenever you want. Therefore, you can get the latest functionalities at a cost-effectively price.

The pre-customized functionalities

Best practices and processes accelerate the implement process of Jeeves. Jeeves is a combination of standard functionality and adaptability.



The effective software support

All contacts will be answered within one business day. We provide the local support and, in addition, internationally through the same support service, if needed. Our customer service is proven to be functional and praiseworthy.

The experienced top consultants are available for You

Proseduuri Oy is an agile team with many years of experience in various companies and solutions. We do love challenges and our passion is to solve them. We also do have a wide understanding of different industries and business fields. So, tell us your ideas and let’s put it together. Looking forward to hearing from You – we are happy to help You!

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