Jeeves improves production efficiency

Jeeves will help you meet the challenges regardless of whether you deliver in a bulk, process or project environment.


From graphic design to mobile application

Maintaining product data and managing operative production are crucial to your company’s success in a continuously changing, uncertain and demanding business environment. Jeeves will help you meet the challenges regardless of whether you deliver in a bulk, process or project environment. Our Enterprise Resource Planning solutions provide tools to support decision making, to deliver on commitments, efficient production planning and to ensure resource efficiency.

Net material requirements planning and proposals

The net requirements calculation automatically makes manufacturing and purchase order suggestions. If necessary, the system proposes to bring forward or delay orders and thus operate in a timely manner with a small amount of committed working capital.

Production load

Production orders load can be done both forward and backward by scheduling. In the timing, the system considers the limited capacity of the load groups and thus calculates have realistic timings.

Graphic design

Graphic design gives a visual overview of the production timings and load situations. The change to the production plan can be done by moving the mouse.

Product structure

In addition to normal raw materials, product structures can be defined as raw materials that are needed for a fixed amount independent of the production. The necessary tools can be attached to the work steps.

Version control of product structure

There may be many simultaneous versions of the product structure. Versions can be managed by help of the expiration dates.

Individual production

The product structure and the necessary steps can be specified in the customer order input.

Management of replacement materials

The system will automatically replace the old material with the new material. It uses the right materials for manufacturing.

Fictitious product

Fictitious product structures facilitate product management and support the maintenance and manufacture of modular products.

Alternative workflow list

An alternative work list can be stored in the system, making it easy to use according to the load situation.

Timing of successive work steps

The start time of the work phase can be determined relative to the start time of the previous step.


The system supports the efficient purchase of the subcontracting work.

Calculation of the production lead time

The system automatically calculates the production lead time by using the production times.

Material availability check

The material availability check before production will reduce production interruptions.

Material reservation

Material reservation ensures the availability of the critical materials with a production order.

Work reporting and material consumption

The selected working steps and the consumption of the materials can be reported automatically based on the following workings steps.

Floor reporting

It is easy to report actual working hours and materials used with a simple floor-level interface (Desktop, Mobile, PDA). The actual costs will be used as a basis for more accurate product costing.

Cost accounting

Cost accounting saves all the computation levels and the data that will be available for the later analyses.

Post calculation

All realized costs can be compared to the planned costs. Post calculation ensures the reliability of product costs.

Integrated into the economic data

Production data are integrated into the economic book.

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