Management reporting

The reporting module is a compact tool for normal use and decentralization of use for each responsible person to monitor and comprehensively analyze the situation in their area of responsibility.


Take over management reporting with Primavista's Reporting module

Primavista’s Reporting module provides a clear and easy-to-use tool for a company’s reporting needs and reporting development:management reporting, ie the combination of data from different source systems and as a result, a multifaceted monitoring of realities. Versatile analysis features increase the power for closer analysis of the situation.

Monthly reporting is efficient with Primavista; it is a dynamic and versatile tool for active situation monitoring, e.g. sales management and cost control as well as data analysis e.g. by drilling, using different perspectives, and varying the column collections of the printouts. When data content is extended to operational level units, Primavista creates transparency for top management all the way down, which significantly improves control capabilities.

If the Graphics module is also enabled, to illustrate a numerical report, quick graphs can be created alongside the report by making selections directly from the report. The Graphics module itself can be used to visually examine the development trends of the desired issues – both in terms of product and customer information and areas of responsibility – over a longer period of time.

Connecting the Measurements module to the Reporting module provides a powerful and practical tool for analyzing even a large amount of data to get a clear picture of the situation.

The reporting module works both in local networks and via an Internet connection (secure VPN connection) and the use is similar to a cloud service: Access is not tied to your own workstation or workplace LAN, but the user can connect to the system with their IDs from any PC or mobile device that has an Internet connection and has access to the necessary functions during the session.

The reporting module utilizes a common, centralized Primavista SQL database. Through this database, the system administrator also performs all measures related to the maintenance of the system, its access rights and data.

The features of the Reporting module can be supplemented according to the needs of each user by adding the Design, Graphics and Measurements modules.


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