Primavista – the versatile tool for top management

Primavista enhances control capabilities by creating transparency in the operations of your organization and the effectiveness of each unit.


Primavista improves management and overall control

Primavista improves management and overall control by enhancing organizational transparency and enables monitoring the efficiency of each unit.

Primavista is a versatile tool for gathering, combining and processing information produced by other IT-systems to fulfill managerial needs such as monitoring, situational analysis and planning – through one single channel. Primavista brings about a complete system for business management, which guides users towards uniform procedures and ways of thinking.

System decentralization significantly speeds up the process of providing relevant information to decision makers. It also enables the fast compilation of budgets and forecasts from subbudgets. Top management is able to monitor the organization as a whole while at the same time gaining transparency throughout the organization.

The expedited flow of information and a more detailed data content provides accurate information for decision-making, thus boosting business performance.

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