System management

Primavista's centralized server software and SQL database make it simple to deploy and manage, as well as efficient to use.


System management in the customer's own hands

Separate System Management software for administrators makes Primavista unique. Thanks to this, there is no need to change the software when setting up the system, and the ready-to-use end result with its data content, rules and printouts is in the customer’s own hands.

Each Primavista is always customer-specific and suitable!

The System Management module for administrators contains all the necessary information for setting up the system, maintaining it during use, as well as the contents of the database and e.g. user rights and user-specific desktop management features. The use of these is clear and logical and does not require IT skills. In this way, maintenance does not always require external consultants, but the system is in the customer’s own hands.

Thanks to the server-centric software package and the SQL database, no client-specific manual installations are required; users automatically have access to the necessary software and information for each session, both on and off the LAN, using Internet VPN connections. This is how usage is like a cloud service.

Setting up the system quickly
System maintenance
SQL data warehouse content management
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