Budgeting, forecasts and scenarios for these plans

Primavista's Planning module is a compact tool for normal use and decentralization to plan the activities of each area of responsibility and the entire organization: budgets, estimates, moving and periodic & annual forecasts, and their different scenarios.


Budgeting, forecasts and scenarios for these plans

The Planning module provides a clear tool for planning the operations of the entire organization as well as each responsible person’s own unit. It is a versatile tool for preparing budgets and forecasts and is suitable for e.g. even the detailed planning of sales, costs and project finances. The sales budget can be conveniently drawn up in euros as well as in volumes and unit prices, for example by each seller, broken down by customer, region and product. These plans can also be made as a number of alternative scenarios to specify the different trends numerically. In addition to plans, the software can be used for quick reporting, ie also collecting actual data, eg the latest key information – even on a daily basis.

Significant benefits are provided by the software’s built-in auxiliary functions, which significantly reduce the amount of manual work required and thus speed up the drafting process.These include e.g. copying previous data as the basis for the budget and copying the finished budget as the basis for the forecast, changing this data to the so-called with the mass factor function, dividing the entered annual value for months by means of alternative allocation criteria,% changes and, for example, allocating common cost items to the desired areas of responsibility by freely definable rules, ie by rolling.

The Planning module works both in local area networks and via an Internet connection (secure VPN connection) and the use is similar to a cloud service: Access is not tied to your own workstation or workplace LAN, but the user can connect to the system with their IDs from any PC or mobile device that has an Internet connection and has access to the necessary functions during the session.

The design module utilizes a common, centralized Primavista SQL database where data is stored immediately, without intermediaries and extra work. Through the central database, the system administrator also performs all measures related to the maintenance of the system, its access rights and data.

The features of the Design module can be supplemented according to the needs of each user by adding the Reporting, Graphics and Measurements modules.


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