Primavista structure and technology

Primavista is Finnish, modular software for effective business management: versatile management reporting, budgeting and forecasting, as well as official consolidated financial statements - regardless of the size of the organization, industry and location of units.


Primavista - the pace of corporate financial management

Primavista is Java-based and works on virtually any Windows, OS X or Linux computer and Windows tablet. The system and its SQL data warehouse are installed centrally on a server, either on the client’s own or outsourced, so use is like a cloud service; no more installations on users’ workstations.

Primavista works smoothly as a multi-site solution, it is sufficient that the workstations have access to the Primavista software and database servers via the intranet and from the remote sites via a secure VPN connection. As an alternative to installing on the customer’s own local area network, we also offer Primavista as a SaaS service.

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