Primavista for financial planning

The Primavista system solution, based on SQL data warehousing, achieves transparency and creates a unified tool and approach to business management, covering both planning and monitoring. In addition, the work of the finance department will be rationalized.


Powerful tool for business planning

With the help of Primavista software, e.g.
  • make the planning and monitoring a single entity and mirror images of each other in content
  • combining the information available from a different source system throughout the site into versatile business information
  • automating repetitive crafting with a spreadsheet and other laborious tools
  • reducing the cost of the data processing process as well as the pressure to recruit additional resources
  • the ability of financial management to respond to management information needs is diversifying and accelerating; the productivity of the department’s work is significantly improved
  • sharpening sales and cost tracking; the quality of information and the controllability of operations are improved
  • decentralization of use streamlines operational processes and harmonizing ideas and practices
  • speeding up and refining the flow of information throughout the organization – achieving transparency from top to floor level

Primavista offers power users of the finance department a versatile and efficient control center with which to maintain the system, its data content and printouts, as well as e.g. user-specific rights – by the client, without the constant assistance of consultants. Primavista can automate and speed up the repetitive data collection and editing work that is done laboriously with Excel and other tools that require significant technical expertise.

Compact utilization tools conveniently implement rapid dissemination of information and take closer analysis of data to each area of responsibility, as well as decentralize planning work (budget, estimates, annual forecasts, rolling forecast, different scenarios) to each area manager. As a result, the organization for the rapid collection of actual key data (including working hours, sales, volumes and other key figures and KPIs) from the various units is also managed – for example, on a daily basis.

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