Primavista's versatile functions enable the accurate management of sales by e.g. enabling salesperson, customer and product specific planning and monitoring.



Primavista helps you to fulfill the doctrine: You should plan exactly what you monitor – and vice versa!

Rolling forecasts help companies in getting rid of the limited perspective of the annual budget, thus bringing about a dynamic view of operational trends. Simulations can be used to handily estimate e.g the effect prices and volumes have on profits and business development.


Primavista also provides a comprehensive tool for monitoring, thus enabling effective situational analysis and e.g. the calculation of key figures and efficiency figures. Domestic as well as international organizational units can be instantly integrated into the system. The sales of profit centers can be compared for example by countries, customers, products or even by salespersons.

The drill down-function, which enables detailed review of information analysis functions and effortless revising of reports also bring essential benefits. Along with the handy reporting functions, Primavista also offers effective tools for creating graphs, which help in identifying short term developments as well as long term trends.

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