🎉Proseduuri celebrates 180 years of experience

Proseduuri has over 200 years of experience in the field of operations management. This year, we are celebrating the 180th anniversary and retraining veterans to work more efficiently with AI-assisted tools.


Over 200 years of experience


At Proseduuri, we have a combined total of over 200 years of expertise related to our field. Nowadays, many media outlets discuss the discrimination of those over 50. Perhaps many employers forget, amidst the pursuit of hormonal spikes and youthful enthusiasm, what we humans pick up along the way. Working as an expert in operations management requires understanding customers’ businesses and processes. It’s great to know the latest Node.js tricks and chat with chatgpt, but one should also understand how to utilize these in industrial companies.

During this spring, Proseduuri has several veterans in “internship”. The background involves career changes or retraining, and therefore the starting points are very different. Our latest recruit was just under 60 when he joined us. A strong background in our industry’s client companies and experience with information systems helped him get a good start as an expert in operations management. This year, we get to celebrate our 180th anniversary!

Efficiency with AI

We are currently retraining our veterans. AI-assisted routines enhance our consultants’ operations today and will do even more so tomorrow. In practice, this means faster, earlier and cheaper service for our customers. Of course, this reduces our revenue stream, as work is done faster, but I strongly believe that demand will increase at the same time and we can focus on our core expertise, the over 200 years of experience. Someone malicious might say that Jeeves ERP is an old-fashioned relic like our whole crew. Well, let them say what they want, but our customers know how easy it is to set up Jeeves ERP, get it talking to other services, and most importantly, update and keep it up to date.

Thank you, veterans! Let’s keep up the good work.


Proseduuri Oy

Proseduuri Oy offers expert services and tools for business management to utilize information systems for business development. The Proseduuri team knows the best ways to utilize information systems with decades of experience. Proseduuri Oy’s offices are in Tampere and Helsinki. The staff is motivated and competent. The experts have extensive experience from different industries and a passion to help and serve customers flexibly, listening to the customer’s needs and wishes.