Testimonial – Med Group Oy - ONNI terveys

"Primavista has grown with us"

Med Group, also known as ONNI, is a Finnish, fast-growing, and dynamic company in the social and healthcare sector. ONNI has been collaborating with Primavista since 2011. "Help is always found promptly, and the cooperation has worked flawlessly." - Sanna-Mari Ovaska, CFO, Med Group


"Primavista has grown with us" - Med Group is satisfied with Primavista's cost-effectiveness and scalability.

Med Group, also known as ONNI, is a Finnish, fast-growing, and dynamic social and healthcare company that has made it its mission to be the most responsible company in Finland’s social and healthcare sector, as well as to provide unwavering support to its customers, employees, and community in their daily lives and life-changing moments.

The company is divided into two businesses: ONNI Care and ONNI Health. ONNI Care serves both public sector service providers and private clients in home care services. ONNI Health provides emergency care, dental, and medical services, and is one of the leading players in the industry in Finland. ONNI has 4200 employees.


Flexible yet cost-effective system

ONNI has been collaborating with Primavista since 2011. At that time, the young and growing company needed a financial reporting system.

“We were in need of a reporting system and gradually moved our operations in-house, although we still partly used an accounting firm. However, we needed more accurate and better reporting than what our partner at the time could offer. We wanted to sharpen our operations and were looking for a suitable partner for this.”, Med Group’s CFO Sanna-Mari Ovaska describes the early days of the collaboration.

Primavista seemed like the right system.

“We needed a smoothly flexible, scalable, and cost-effective system, so we chose Primavista.”

No need for consultants or coders

ONNI has used Primavista for various purposes, such as cost center-level reporting, group accounting, and budgeting.

“We do group accounting reporting monthly. When Primavista is built in such a way that acquisition cost calculations are in the system and the group’s internal items come as ready-matched data from the accounting system, the monthly group accounting can be completed very quickly, even within a couple of hours. I highly recommend.”


In Ovaska’s opinion, Primavista adapts to customers’ needs, and its adaptability is the biggest benefit.

“In many systems, you need a line of consultants to make changes. But Primavista is easy to use and works well for us because we have been able to create reports and calculation models ourselves. You don’t have to be a coder to create different new reports. Primavista is a cost-effective system, as you can use your own resources to create sensible reports as needed and change structures.”

Ovaska states that in their almost decade-long collaboration, help has always been available when needed.

“Help is always found promptly, and the cooperation has worked flawlessly. I appreciate that from the beginning, we have had our own designated person, and we have not been solely reliant on faceless helpdesk support. High turnover on the system supplier’s side feels unpleasant if people are constantly changing and not familiar with our operations. We have been able to keep the same contact person throughout our collaboration.”

A system that keeps up with growth

Ovaska summarizes that Primavista has kept up with their growth all these years.

“Primavista has grown with us, served well, and supported reporting up to this day. The system has also scaled with our strong growth. We have also been satisfied that costs have remained manageable, even though our operations have grown significantly. We have had three owners in ten years, and reporting wishes have changed along the way. Primavista has changed with the company”, Ovaska concludes.


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