Testimonial – Indoor Group Oy

"Absolutely superior in terms of price-quality ratio"

Indoor Group Oy is a leading provider of home furniture and interior design products in Finland and the Baltic countries. "Primavista can be set up quickly - that's the best part about it." - Kimmo Verkola, Group Financial Controller, Indoor Group.


"Absolutely superior in terms of price-quality ratio" - this is how Indoor Group has benefited from Primavista

Indoor Group, a leading provider of home furniture and interior design products in Finland and the Baltic countries, has found great value in using Primavista for their financial management needs. According to Kimmo Verkola, Group Financial Controller at Indoor Group, the best aspect of Primavista is its quick setup and user-friendly system.

The superior price-quality ratio of Primavista has made it an attractive choice for Indoor Group. The benefits they have experienced from using Primavista include efficient internal accounting, budgeting, and monthly reporting. The easily accessible information and well-organized data within the system have contributed to the overall satisfaction of Indoor Group with Primavista.

In summary, Primavista has proven to be a valuable tool for Indoor Group, providing a cost-effective and high-quality solution for their financial management needs. The ease of use and quick implementation have led to a positive experience for the company.

Indoor Group Oy is a leading provider of home furniture and interior design products in Finland and the Baltic countries. The company includes retail chains Asko and Sotka, furniture factory Insofa Oy, and Indoor Group AS, which is responsible for Baltic business operations.


Responding quickly to the need

Indoor Group started using Primavista in 2019 when they needed the right consolidation and reporting tool. Indoor Group’s Group Financial Controller Kimmo Verkola was already familiar with Primavista, so the choice of system was clear.

“I knew that Primavista has a good price-quality ratio and is quick to implement”, Verkola states.

Indoor Group was able to start using Primavista very quickly.

“Primavista can be set up quickly – that’s the best part about it. We started at the end of August-beginning of September and did the September interim financial statements with Primavista, and we were able to start budgeting in October.”

According to Verkola, it is essential that Primavista is easy to integrate with any system.

“If you can get the numbers into an Excel file, you can import them automatically into Primavista.”

Easily customizable and usable system

Using Primavista is so easy that consultants are not needed for assistance.

“Using and maintaining it is simple. We have the system under our control, and we hardly need any consultant’s help.”

Primavista adapts to Indoor Group’s needs, as they have created the desired report templates in Primavista.

“For the main users, the only limit is their imagination when creating and utilizing reports.”

Verkola feels that working with Primavista is also fast.

“IFRS and FAS consolidation and even parallel preparation of group financial statements are really fast. You can easily create income statements, balance sheets, and cash flows for five years. We can easily calculate the profitability of each store. Roll-up functions are also very easy and automatic. At the company level, it’s great that you can easily do rolling forecasting for profit and cash flow.”

Indoor uses Primavista for various purposes, such as HR reporting, calculating personnel work years, and separate company financial statements. Creating balance sheet books is very fast, as income statements, balance sheets, and notes can be directly transferred to an Excel file and printed in balance sheet book format.

According to Verkola, one of the benefits of Primavista is that the group financial statements (IFRS & FAS) notes form a group sheet, just like the income and balance sheet. Thus, creating an official IFRS balance sheet book is a fast process.

“Not many systems can do that.”

Best price-quality ratio

Verkola feels that Primavista has made their everyday life easier. For example, store managers can see the results of their own stores directly from Primavista.

“No one needs to send any Excel reports or other reports in the accounting system. You can see your own budgets and other information directly from Primavista.”

Verkola, who has been doing group financial statements and reporting for 20 years, summarizes that although he has looked at other systems, Primavista is in a class of its own in terms of price range.

Absolutely superior in terms of price-quality ratio, Verkola concludes.


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